For companies simply looking for IT support when it’s needed – without the commitment of an on-going package – our ‘pay-as-you-go’ option is the perfect solution.

With no monthly fee, you only pay for the support received, remotely or telephone based, and because we take time to understand your systems from the outset, we’re often able to fix problems much quicker than other providers.

With our pay as you go option, you simply phone, or email us when you have a problem and we will either walk you through it over the phone or connect into your machine remotely to solve the problem. You then simply pay for the time you have used, in blocks of half an hour – meaning you can get quality IT support from just £20.

  • Simply pay for the time as you use it
  • Call and speak to a technician straight away
  • Book telephone appointments where our technicians will call you
  • Help over the telephone
  • Connect into you machine to solve problems for you

To find out more about this package simply call us on 01925 398 666 and we will be happy to help.

This package is ideal for businesses who only need occasional IT support, if you need a bit more support many businesses find our Telephone & Remote package great value.