Internet Security & Antivirus

get quote it installationsProtection against viruses and other online or offline threats is an essential ingredient to ensuring your data is secure, whilst maintaining healthy operating systems.

There are many antivirus products available & solutions, we can recommend and install the right protection for your business including:

Endpoint Protection

Typical desktop-based solutions that are commonly installed on home PCs can also be used for your business IT protection needs. These essential products protect against threats from various sources including USB sticks, websites and CDs.

Mail Security

As we increasingly access our emails from many devices and locations, the risk of allowing viruses into your system also increases. Mail security products protect your emails before you receive them – regardless of when and where you open them – PC, mobile device or external computers.

Gateway Security

With the number of portable devices now found on networks – particularly in small businesses – protecting your entire network against viruses and threats is vital.

Gateway products are physical pieces of hardware located on your premises designed to protect your entire network, including security, web-filtering and monitoring and more.

Web filtering & security solutions

For businesses looking to monitor and protect web use on your network, we can install solutions that not only ensure your internet connection is not being used for illegal purposes but also monitoring appropriate employee use.


To speak to us about which solution, or combination of solutions would fit your business simply call us on 01925 398 666 and we will be happy to help.

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