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Front Line Customer Service Makes Or Breaks A Brand

I have always been a huge believer that no matter how good your product is, customer service makes the difference between customers being loyal, or taking an almost disproportionate ban on using your company again.

We all understand things go wrong (running an IT support business, I’m pretty used to problems), but quite often if you deal with the issue well, the outcome can almost be better than had the issue not happened in the first place.

A perfect example of this was when a good number of years ago, lastminute.com, didn’t list a “resort” fee on a hotel we stayed at. So when we arrived the hotel charged us an extra £30 we weren’t expecting. Not a massive problem, but left a bad taste. So I phoned lastminute.com and told them – they almost immediately apologised and refunded us £30 and a bit extra to cover the exchange rate. In that one small and efficient move they made a loyal customer for years.

Conversely, and unfortunately the incident that triggered me to write this, is our recent experience with British Airways. We have just finished an amazing holiday in South Africa (which I would highly recommend). We had our return flights booked from Johannesburg back to the UK, however as we finished our holiday in Cape Town we booked a flight from there back to J’berg. Our flight back home was in the afternoon, and there was an abundance of flights between the two airports. However we decided to go for the 9AM British Airways flight as a name we trusted instead of the airlines we hadn’t heard of. That was our critical mistake as it turns out.

We returned our hire car to Budget (another great experience) with plenty of time. We went to check in, in a queue that seemed very slow in comparison to others, and during the queue we got notification there was a 1hr 40 delay. As we had 3 hours to connect we were a bit concerned and wondered if we should get an earlier flight. However we stressed our concern to the BA ground staff who reassured us we would definitely make it (although losing the odd hour in the calculation every now and then – in hindsight our first warning).

We checked in and went through security and went to the gate. About 40 minutes before our new departure time another 20 minute delay was added. By that point any possibility of booking another flight had disappeared. Our only chance was to hope for a slight delay on our other flight and a super smooth transfer, so we stuck it out. 11AM came and we hadn’t started boarding. Rumours started travelling that they were waiting for a part, which wouldn’t be anytime soon, but no communication from BA. Finally we managed to confirm this with someone, and then the status changed to a 6 hour delay.

We still didn’t get any information from BA, so headed out of the airside area to try and sort it out. This was where the fun really started. The ground staff’s favourite trick seemed to be saying a supervisor was at a certain location, which we would head to, to be told it wasn’t them and it was someone else. Essentially wasting valuable time to sort the mess out. The attitude that “the customer is always wrong”, has definitely been instilled in the BA staff. After walking from one end of the airport at least 10 times (without exaggeration), we hadn’t got anywhere close to getting a flight home. It was eventually established by overhearing another passenger that our flight had been cancelled – which was news to the BA desk we were stood at.
Now we had to get tickets for an already overbooked flight (another recipe for disappointing customers). To be fair this didn’t seem too much of a problem for us. However having no confidence in BA, or knowing if booking another flight back to the UK from Cape Town was going to be best, we decided to get our bags back for the 7 hours until the flight. Again one person said it was happening and would be here in 15 minutes or so, then when we came to collect them were told by someone else, it’s simply not possible, and stating quite rudely that we were wrong. However we eventually found Johansen, who appeared to be one of the few polite and capable people that BA could find – who returned ours and a number of other (now ex) BA passengers bags.

We eventually got on the 7PM flight to Johannesburg, which was OK as a flight, but however good the flight was would never make up for the overall service. I would imagine the money BA put into the inflight experience far outweighs the ground cost, which was money they totally wasted.

To add insult to injury when we complained to BA directly they couldn’t have been quicker (well there replies could have been), to pass the buck, claiming it’s a separate franchise. Totally missing the point that it’s a British Airways branded plane, booked on BA.com. They missed a number of opportunities to turn it around, and possibly even make a sale on the new flight back we now needed – but instead they chose to make sure we never book or recommend BA again.

Hopefully, eventually, companies will learn to make sure customer (the people deciding to spend money with them) service is given the priority thats needed – after all problems will always occur and need to be dealt with.

Celebrating One Week Of The New Mersey Gateway

The new Runcorn-Widnes bridge have been open a week at midnight, making it even easier to cross the Mersey. We’ve been back and forth this week as usual providing IT support to our clients in Widnes from our offices at The Heath in Runcorn.

Our direct route to Widnes in 9 minutes

We have to say the lack of congestion has been a major improvement, meaning we can get across the bridge in a more reliable time, letting us fix issues faster. It’s fair to say we’ve noticed a frustrating amount of disruption over the last couple of years while the bridge was being built, but now it’s complete we can get from our offices to Widnes in 9 minutes – with a bit of running to the car!

The new expressway going from Weston Point to Widnes, over the bridge, makes the trip from our office quick and simple; removing the historic perceived separation of Runcorn and Widnes. Our clients in Liverpool have also noticed we can get to them quicker too.

As you would expect from InstallingIT we aren’t charging our clients a penny extra when we have to cross the bridge. All the vehicles we use are signed up and ready! We can’t wait for the Silver Jubilee Bridge to re-open once it’s been refurbished to add even more resilience to the crossing.

The whole team at InstallingIT are looking forward to providing support to even more companies across the region, especially Widnes with our improved response times.

What Do We Look For In Our Technicians

Our IT support engineers are the heart of our business, and an essential part of yours.

So how do we pick the best engineers for you?

With InstallingIT’s unique position as a one stop IT provider it can be a challenge to find talented engineers with experience in all the areas we cover. However we provide lots of training to ensure our engineers become experts in all our products and services. What we can’t teach is the soft skills.

We know any position in IT support can be difficult, demanding, but incredibly rewarding. We are not the type of company to stop providing support at 5PM. If we are working on a major issue for you, you know you will have our attention until it’s resolved. As our engineers have a passion for solving a problem, this comes naturally.
Problem Solvers
Problem solving is a massive part of IT Support. Being able to calmly work through complicated issues is what makes a great support engineer.
One of the stereotypes of IT people is bad communication. Many IT companies don’t appreciate just how important having an engineer that can effectively understand your problem, and confidently explain the solution. How an engineer communicates in all forms is one of the top considerations when we are hiring.
Reliability & Organisation
Being able to rely on the team behind your IT infrastructure is essential. It’s for that reason that we rely on every member of our team to be organised and extremely reliable.
Experience & Ability
Having engineers that have experience combined with great knowledge is still incredibly important. We are always looking for technicians that have a broad knowledge base, with lots of experience in business IT support.

Everytime we pick an engineer we have our customers in mind. By having a team that all focus on maintaining happy customers makes for a great work environment.

A Bit Of An Android Saga


Android is the Operating System of which the Tablet is built on, it is basically the user interface which you use on the Tablet so that you can navigate around.

Recently we have had an issue with one of the latest Samsung Tablets called the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, we would like to post this on here so that you’re aware that it can be resolved.

The tablet had Android version 4.4 installed on there and was purchased in May 2016. It was purchased from us because one of client’s old tablet needed replacing because the repair costs were going to be more expensive than buying a new one.

The main requirement was to have the same game which the old tablet had installed. The game was called Bubble Witch Saga 2 and on Google Play the requirements for this game was to have Android Version 2.3 and up.

When downloading the game from Google Play on the new tablet, there was a warning message which said, “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” and you were not able to click on the install button.

This was frustrating because the requirement stated the game should work perfectly, but we were wrong. However there was a solution to sort this issue out, even when you’re being blocked to download the game.

Basically we found that the warning message is saying that the game is not recommended to be downloaded on to the tablet because Android (Google) don’t support the game if anything goes wrong with it on this Android version, so they block you from downloading it on to your tablet.

The way we bypassed this, so that the tablet could have this game installed was to install Bubble Witch 2 Saga from a site called: http://play.mob.org/game/bubble_witch_saga_2.html

The website link was where you could search for all types of android games and download the older version of the games. We then downloaded an older version of the game which would also be compatible with the tablet. This was downloaded from the tablets web browser, to do this you had to make sure in the security settings of the table that the Unknown Sources tick box was ticked. This allows the application that we wanted to install from the internet to be installed on the tablet.

Once installed we found that the app opened up but did not work at all as it should do. However we loaded Google Play back up on the tablet and because we had the game installed on the tablet we were able to uninstall it, stay on the same page, and install the up to date version of the game from Google Play. To our delight we had a fully working app!

If you need any help with any similar issues to this or any general IT Support then please contact our IT Support Team on 01925 398666 and we will be able to come up with a solution to your problem, we are always here to help you.

Fake Domain Renewal Notifications – Annoying & Dangerous


Fake domain renewal emails, and even letters, have been around for years, but it doesn’t make them any less annoying. For those of you that haven’t received one of these emails, they come from a 3rd party claiming to be your domain registrar (company that looks after your domain), saying your doamin is up for renewal and to proceed to renew it. Technically this is called domain slamming, as it tricks you into transferring your domain to the 3rd party.

Because the expiry date of your domain is public knowledge, these letters and emails usually come around expiry time making them more believable. It’s not uncommon for the cost of the renewal with the 3rd party is considerably more than it would have been with your current registrar.

Traditionally these communications come from very dodgy companies, that are purely out to rip customers off using this method, and don’t care about their reputation. However recently we, and our customers, have been getting these from companies you might not expect it from. Companies that, although might not be have the best reputation, they are certainly companies that I find it totally unacceptable are sending emails like this.
We had one this morning arrive to us, from a company that had a very similar name to us, which would make it very easy for clients to get confused and think it was us. Being someone who believes in having morals in business I find this totally unacceptable, do you agree?

It’s not all doom and gloom however, there are some very simple steps you can take to make sure you don’t fall into the trap. If you received one of these communications, check who it’s from carefully, and make sure any links in the email only take you to your current registrar’s website if you’re convinced it’s genuine. If you are in any doubt what so ever, simply give your registrar (who may the same as your web host) a call on the normal number and ask them to check.

If you are in any doubt about who your registrar is, our support team would be more than happy to help you if you call 01925 398 666. Don’t worry you can trust us, we’re not after your domain, unless ofcourse you want to transfer to us.

Time for Windows 10 or Not?

It’s approaching 9 months since Windows 10 was first released, and many people are wondering if it’s time to upgrade yet or not. Unlike previous version of Windows it was released as a free upgrade available to Windows 7 & Windows 8 machines, which in principle is a great deal. However lots of people have had issues with the actual upgrade process, especially some who were unable to stop the upgrade they didn’t want – which left a bad taste with many.

We’ve been running Windows 10 on various machines for a while, and to be fair there aren’t many bad things to say about it from a general use point of view. However personally I’m not sure it offers any advantages over Windows 7. It takes a bit getting used to, with the biggest change being the push towards search rather than using menus. It’s much more difficult to get to things like Control Panel by the menus, however it’s very easy to search for things that you want.

As for the problems, we’ve had various problems come through the door with Windows 10. One of the strangest has to be a cryptic “Start menu has stopped working”, which wasn’t backed up by any more information in the usual locations – making it difficult to solve. As with most Windows upgrades, there are certain devices that no longer work with it due to driver issues, along with some older VPN clients don’t support the networking setup.

Overall I don’t think it’s quite ready for massive problem free deployments, and I don’t see a massive reason to move from Windows 7 or 8 to it just yet. If you’re ready to do your homework making sure your applications and devices will work and are happy to have a few teathing issues along the way, don’t worry too much about the upgrade!

Earth Hour Logo

Earth Hour – 19th March 8:30PM – 9:30PM

Earth Hour LogoI’m excited to say that at 8.30pm tonight I will be supporting WWF and #EarthHourUK. It’s time that we stand together as a community to show that we care about our planet and that we will put a stop to climate change. Carbon emissions are rising due to the unsustainable lifestyle choices of people all around the world. Recent talks in Paris highlighted the plight of the environment and the need to act NOW. Temperatures around the world are rising and this is having a knock on effect on the environment in which we live. We are putting a strain on the natural resources that we depend upon so much. Nature can only resist so much.

Take part in this movement and turn off all non-essential lights tonight from 8.30 – 9.30pm. Not only will you be doing your part to save the planet, who knows what fun you may have. Eat dinner by candle light, put down all your technology and talk to each, read a book, take a bath, play a game……. or whatever else takes your fancy. WWF have even come up with a list of 650 thing to do in the dark in case you need some inspiration. 750 countries worldwide are taking part in the 10th annual Earth Hour this year, for many countries earth hour has already been and gone and you can follow what different countries have been doing on the WWF website and Facebook page – an interesting read to see the approach of so many differed countries on one key issue. It truly is beautiful to see so many leaders (although unfortunately not all…….) come together to support the same thing for once.

Many people question the effectiveness of turning off a few lights for just one hour. How is this going to help stop climate change? The answer, realistically, is that a few less light for just one hour isn’t going to cut carbon emissions and cut CO2 levels. However it’s about more than that, it’s about being part of a movement. It’s about standing up for something you believe in and it’s about making a difference. It’s time to put the spotlight on climate change. The power of social media nowadays is phenomenal – use it. Harness it. Let people know that enough is enough and that you are prepared to act to highlight the plight of the planet & encourage others to do the same. Educate people on why you have chosen to do this. Get the word out there. You never know what may come of it, all by just turning out your lights for one hour.

If you are like me and just turning your light off isn’t enough, you could always text CANDLE to 70123 to donate £3 to WWF. But whatever you do, whether it’s just having fun in the dark or giving money, make sure you let people know. Take photos and upload them to social media, tell people what you are doing, encourage friends to join you. Even shout it from the rooftops if you fancy it – although not too loud, you don’t want to get in trouble for antisocial behaviour now……. I’ve found the matches (hidden behind the TV. Where else would you expect to find matches), donated my £3, told all my friends and am ready posed with my finger over the light switch. I hope you will all be joining me!

It’s amazing the difference it makes on a city skyline, hats off to Cape Town… Spot the difference below.

South Africa Lights Off


Happy New Year From Everyone At InstallingIT

Happy New Year

With the new year almost upon us, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year. 2015 has been a great year for us, solving over 4000 client issues, celebrated 6 years at The Heath and topping it off by winning the Service Excellence Award.

Happy New Year!

We have big plans for 2016 to provide even better IT support to our clients, faster broadband services, a brand new PurchasingIT website, as well as much more – so stay tuned.

From the whole team, whether this year has been good or bad, we wish you the best in 2016 for both your business and family.

Credit for image: Background vector designed by Harryarts – Freepik.com

Receiving Award

We Won The Service Excellence Award!

Receiving AwardLast night was the awards ceremony for the FSB Liverpool Business Awards held at the Crowne Plaza. It was a great night, great food, great entertainment, topped off by winning the Service Excellence award.

The slightly grainy phone image (professional images to follow) shows Stephen and I being presented with the award. There were 14 awards given out overall, with Service Excellence being the 9th award to be presented.

Our category had most finalists out all the the ones on the night, so to win was not only a shock, but a huge achievement. Being selected out of the almost 10 finalists is a testiment to how hard the team work throughout the year to make sure all our clients are supported in the best possible way.

I’d like to congratulate all the other winners last night in their categories and thank all the staff at the Crowne Plaza for the great service and putting on a great event.

Awards Trophy

Well done to all the staff, and thank you for working so hard to allow us to win this award.

The next challenge is working out where to put the award in the office!

It’s currently pride of place in our main office at The Heath Business Park.

We’ve Made The Finals!

Service Excellence Awards Finalist

Good News In The Post!

We’re all very excited here at InstallingIT having made the finals of the FSB Liverpool Business Awards in the Service Excellence category.

We received the letter yesterday and have been busy getting ready for the final on the 5th November!

It’s a credit to the team that we’ve got this far. Their constant focus on customer service and the passion to solve problems has made us a finalist.

The awards cover the whole of the Liverpool City Region, including Liverpool, Widnes & Runcorn. The list of finalist has been released an it looks like we are the only Runcorn IT company!

Stay tuned to find out how we do on the awards night.
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