The new Runcorn-Widnes bridge have been open a week at midnight, making it even easier to cross the Mersey. We’ve been back and forth this week as usual providing IT support to our clients in Widnes from our offices at The Heath in Runcorn.

Our direct route to Widnes in 9 minutes

We have to say the lack of congestion has been a major improvement, meaning we can get across the bridge in a more reliable time, letting us fix issues faster. It’s fair to say we’ve noticed a frustrating amount of disruption over the last couple of years while the bridge was being built, but now it’s complete we can get from our offices to Widnes in 9 minutes – with a bit of running to the car!

The new expressway going from Weston Point to Widnes, over the bridge, makes the trip from our office quick and simple; removing the historic perceived separation of Runcorn and Widnes. Our clients in Liverpool have also noticed we can get to them quicker too.

As you would expect from InstallingIT we aren’t charging our clients a penny extra when we have to cross the bridge. All the vehicles we use are signed up and ready! We can’t wait for the Silver Jubilee Bridge to re-open once it’s been refurbished to add even more resilience to the crossing.

The whole team at InstallingIT are looking forward to providing support to even more companies across the region, especially Widnes with our improved response times.