Our IT support engineers are the heart of our business, and an essential part of yours.

So how do we pick the best engineers for you?

With InstallingIT’s unique position as a one stop IT provider it can be a challenge to find talented engineers with experience in all the areas we cover. However we provide lots of training to ensure our engineers become experts in all our products and services. What we can’t teach is the soft skills.

We know any position in IT support can be difficult, demanding, but incredibly rewarding. We are not the type of company to stop providing support at 5PM. If we are working on a major issue for you, you know you will have our attention until it’s resolved. As our engineers have a passion for solving a problem, this comes naturally.
Problem Solvers
Problem solving is a massive part of IT Support. Being able to calmly work through complicated issues is what makes a great support engineer.
One of the stereotypes of IT people is bad communication. Many IT companies don’t appreciate just how important having an engineer that can effectively understand your problem, and confidently explain the solution. How an engineer communicates in all forms is one of the top considerations when we are hiring.
Reliability & Organisation
Being able to rely on the team behind your IT infrastructure is essential. It’s for that reason that we rely on every member of our team to be organised and extremely reliable.
Experience & Ability
Having engineers that have experience combined with great knowledge is still incredibly important. We are always looking for technicians that have a broad knowledge base, with lots of experience in business IT support.

Everytime we pick an engineer we have our customers in mind. By having a team that all focus on maintaining happy customers makes for a great work environment.