Android is the Operating System of which the Tablet is built on, it is basically the user interface which you use on the Tablet so that you can navigate around.

Recently we have had an issue with one of the latest Samsung Tablets called the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, we would like to post this on here so that you’re aware that it can be resolved.

The tablet had Android version 4.4 installed on there and was purchased in May 2016. It was purchased from us because one of client’s old tablet needed replacing because the repair costs were going to be more expensive than buying a new one.

The main requirement was to have the same game which the old tablet had installed. The game was called Bubble Witch Saga 2 and on Google Play the requirements for this game was to have Android Version 2.3 and up.

When downloading the game from Google Play on the new tablet, there was a warning message which said, “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” and you were not able to click on the install button.

This was frustrating because the requirement stated the game should work perfectly, but we were wrong. However there was a solution to sort this issue out, even when you’re being blocked to download the game.

Basically we found that the warning message is saying that the game is not recommended to be downloaded on to the tablet because Android (Google) don’t support the game if anything goes wrong with it on this Android version, so they block you from downloading it on to your tablet.

The way we bypassed this, so that the tablet could have this game installed was to install Bubble Witch 2 Saga from a site called: http://play.mob.org/game/bubble_witch_saga_2.html

The website link was where you could search for all types of android games and download the older version of the games. We then downloaded an older version of the game which would also be compatible with the tablet. This was downloaded from the tablets web browser, to do this you had to make sure in the security settings of the table that the Unknown Sources tick box was ticked. This allows the application that we wanted to install from the internet to be installed on the tablet.

Once installed we found that the app opened up but did not work at all as it should do. However we loaded Google Play back up on the tablet and because we had the game installed on the tablet we were able to uninstall it, stay on the same page, and install the up to date version of the game from Google Play. To our delight we had a fully working app!

If you need any help with any similar issues to this or any general IT Support then please contact our IT Support Team on 01925 398666 and we will be able to come up with a solution to your problem, we are always here to help you.