It’s approaching 9 months since Windows 10 was first released, and many people are wondering if it’s time to upgrade yet or not. Unlike previous version of Windows it was released as a free upgrade available to Windows 7 & Windows 8 machines, which in principle is a great deal. However lots of people have had issues with the actual upgrade process, especially some who were unable to stop the upgrade they didn’t want – which left a bad taste with many.

We’ve been running Windows 10 on various machines for a while, and to be fair there aren’t many bad things to say about it from a general use point of view. However personally I’m not sure it offers any advantages over Windows 7. It takes a bit getting used to, with the biggest change being the push towards search rather than using menus. It’s much more difficult to get to things like Control Panel by the menus, however it’s very easy to search for things that you want.

As for the problems, we’ve had various problems come through the door with Windows 10. One of the strangest has to be a cryptic “Start menu has stopped working”, which wasn’t backed up by any more information in the usual locations – making it difficult to solve. As with most Windows upgrades, there are certain devices that no longer work with it due to driver issues, along with some older VPN clients don’t support the networking setup.

Overall I don’t think it’s quite ready for massive problem free deployments, and I don’t see a massive reason to move from Windows 7 or 8 to it just yet. If you’re ready to do your homework making sure your applications and devices will work and are happy to have a few teathing issues along the way, don’t worry too much about the upgrade!