This option offers local clients access to exclusive, all inclusive IT support combining remote, telephone and onsite support, for a fixed monthly fee.

It offers peace of mind that not only will we be there to help should things go wrong, we’re also constantly proactively monitoring your systems to fix any issues – preventing future problems from arising.

Hundreds of small businesses in and around Runcorn benefit from our all-inclusive support, with prices from just £15 per month, and no long term commitment, this option is unsurprisingly very popular.


What’s included?

  • Ongoing Monitoring
    We will constantly monitor all your servers & network equipment to ensure it is running smoothly. If we detect a problem we will rapidly take action to fix the issue to keep you up and running.
  • Continuous Remote Maintenance
    As well as monitoring your systems we will pro-actively apply updates and other maintenance actions such as defragmentation and reindexing.
  • Telephone Support
    Whether you need to report a problem or would like to help doing something, we are available by phone and email when you need us most.
  • Remote Support
    For those times when you need someone to see exactly what you are doing we can connect straight into your machine and either fix the problem without having to talk you through complicated tasks over the phone.
  • System Down Onsite Support
    If there is a system down situation, for example your computer won’t turn on or your router has stopped working, we will come out to you free of charge to fix the problem.
  • Discount On Installations
    You will also get a discount off our standard rate for installation, so if you need a new printer installing the visit will be at a discounted rate.

Why should you choose us?

The number one reason to choose us for your IT support is because we care about keeping your business IT systems running. We are not a large faceless company, we strive to surpass your expectations every time.
We specialise in supporting small businesses, and we have years of experience doing just that, so you will always be our priority.

Simply call 01925 398 666 or click here for a quote and we will be happy to help